Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineers apply engineering principles to all activities related to agriculture and horticulture. Improvements in agricultural farm machinery, farm structures, rural electrification, bio-gas, and new technologies in the design and manufacture of agricultural products, are the major jobs handled by agriculture engineers.

Department follows the course prepared by the Institute of Engineering for this program Academic quality and other matters of the program are controlled and guided by the university. TU awards the certificates to the successful students at the end of the program.

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List of Faculty Members of Agricultural Engineering are:

SNNamePostEmail Address
1Mr. Jawed Alamसह-प्राध्यापकShow
2Mr. Aditya Roshan Dhakalउप-प्राध्यापकShow
3Mr. Deependra Nath Guptaउप-प्राध्यापकShow
4Mr. Sagar Kafleउप-प्राध्यापकShow
5Mr. Sanjeev Mishraउप-प्राध्यापकShow
6Mr. Tirtha Raj Karkiउप-प्राध्यापकShow
7Mr. Yam Kumar Raiउप-प्राध्यापकShow
8Mr. Samir Shakyaप्रशिक्षकShow
9Mr. Suman Thapaप्रशिक्षकShow