Mechanical Engineering


After the introduction of “New Education System Plan in” 1972 in Nepal, Institute of Engineering (IOE) was formed under Tribhuvan University (TU) and both the Nepal Engineering Institute and Technical Training Institute were brought under Institute of Engineering. Nepal Engineering Institute was renamed as Pulchowk Campus and Technical Training Institute was renamed as Thapathali Campus. Followed by the government policy of expanding engineering education, Purwanchal campus was established in 1977 at Dharan in the eastern part of the country under the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Mechanical Engineering is one of the pioneering departments in the TU, IOE, Purwanchal Campus that applies Engineering, Physics, Material science, and Turbo machinery principles to Design, Simulation, and maintain manufacture mechanical system. It has its beginning along with the TU, IOE, in 1977.

Department of Mechanical Engineering equipped modern research facilities of lab experiment available in the area of Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling System, Material science, IC engines, Turbo Machines, Robotics devices, UAV and others.


*To excel in innovation and collaborative research, promoting technical and entrepreneurial skills.


The Mechanical Engineering program continuously strives,

*To provide a conducive academic environment with contemporary and innovative curricula imparting high quality education.

*To offer state of the art laboratory infrastructure to enhance fundamental research.

*To maintain an environment to work closely with industries to materialize collaborative and applied research.

*To impart technical, managerial and lifelong learning skills, embedded with ethical values and social relevance.

List of Faculty Members of Mechanical Engineering are:

SNNamePostEmail Address
1Mr. Anu Shresthaउप-प्राध्यापकShow
2Mr. Ram Dayal Yadavउप-प्राध्यापकShow
3Mr. Sonalal Prasad Chaurasiaउप-प्राध्यापकShow
4Mr. Ramesh Prasad Shahउप-प्राध्यापकShow
5Mr. Roshan Ghimireउप-प्राध्यापकShow
6Mr. Lal Babu Prasadउप-प्राध्यापकShow
7Mr. Bharosh Kumar Yadavउप-प्राध्यापकShow
8Mr. Sujan Dahalशिक्षण सहायकShow
9Mr. Keshav Kumar Acharyaशिक्षण सहायकShow
10Mr. Bharat Prasad Upretyप्रशिक्षकShow
11Mr. Ram Chandra Mandalउप-प्रशिक्षकShow
12Mr. Mahi Narayan Chaudharyउप-प्रशिक्षकShow
13Mr. Prayog Pokharelउप-प्रशिक्षकShow
14Mr. Kiran Kumar Shresthaउप-प्रशिक्षकShow
15Mr. Surya Narayan Chaudharyसहायक-प्रशिक्षकShow
16Mr. Ram Nath Guragainसहायक-प्रशिक्षकShow
17Mr. Gyanendra Karkiसहायक-प्रशिक्षकShow
Society of Mechanical Engineering Students Society (SOMES)