Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways.

Details About the Course

SNAttachment Name YearAction
1Course Weightage and Subject Lists ChartAllDownload
2Syllabus (First Year)1st YearDownload
3Syllabus (Second Year)2nd YearDownload
4Syllabus (Third Year)3rd YearDownload
5Syllabus (Fourth Year)4th YearDownload
6List of Electives for Civil Engineering4th YearDownload

Student Intake Capacity

1Full Fee108

List of Faculty Members of Civil Engineering are:

SNNamePostEmail Address
1Mr. Amarnath BiswasAssistant ProfessorShow
2Mr. Tula Ram BhandariAssistant ProfessorShow
3Mr. Kajiram KarkiAssistant ProfessorShow
4Mr. Dak Bahadur KhadkaAssistant ProfessorShow
5Mr. Hari Kumar DevAssistant ProfessorShow
6Mr. Raju GhimireAssistant ProfessorShow
7Mr. Prabhat Pratab DevAssistant ProfessorShow
8Mr. Sachin BaralAssistant ProfessorShow
9Mr. Indra Kamal ShresthaAssistant ProfessorShow
10Mr. Rewanta Kumar RawatAssistant ProfessorShow
11Mr. Yashwant Bikram ShahAssistant ProfessorShow
12Mr. Yuman ShakyaAssistant ProfessorShow
13Mr. Janab GhimireAssistant ProfessorShow
14Mr. Bishan BhujelAssistant ProfessorShow
15Mr. Ek Bahadur GahaSenior InstructorShow
16Mr. Bir Bahadur RayamajhiSenior InstructorShow
17Mr. Tara Kanta ChaudharyInstructorShow
18Mr. Suman TimilsinaInstructorShow