Department of Architecture

Established in 2072 BS (2015 AD) the department of Architecture at Purwanchal campus provides Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) program which is a 5-year undergraduate course. B. Arch. is designed to provide students the fundamentals of designing buildings and built environments of different contexts and complexities. It provides the practical skill set required in the architecture industry while imparting theoretical backbone,so the students are able to research, ideate and create constructible solutions to various design problems.

Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability are the fundamental principles of architecture teaching here at our department. Facilitated with interactive studio halls around a shared courtyard, the learning environment at the department of architecture fosters exchange of ideas and creative freedom. The faculties at department of architecture pursue excellence in architecture education through engaging learning activities. The department also promotes student activities through Society of Architecture Students (SOAS).

We believe that architecture education has a vital role in shaping future societies.

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List of Faculty Members of Architecture are:

SNNamePostEmail Address
1Mr. Kuber Shresthaसह-प्राध्यापकShow
2Mr. Mimang Hang Kiratउप-प्राध्यापकShow
3Mr. Pradeep Pokharelउप-प्राध्यापकShow
4Mr. Sanjaya Maharjanउप-प्राध्यापकShow
5Mr. Shashi Kumar Mandalउप-प्राध्यापकShow
6Mr. Suman Limbuउप-प्राध्यापकShow
7Mr. Deependra Subbaसहायक प्राध्यापकShow
8Mr. Durga Raj Avengसहायक प्राध्यापकShow
9Mr. Milan Bhattaraiसहायक प्राध्यापकShow
10Mr. Nawaraj Baralउप-प्रशिक्षकShow

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