Applied Sciences

All the first year students of Bachelor’s level students and some M.Sc. students of different departments go to Department of Applied Sciences for basic science studies. This department is well equipped with physics, chemistry and climate science laboratories.

List of Faculty Members of Applied Sciences are:

SNNamePostEmail Address
1Mr. Netra Jung Dangiसह-प्राध्यापकShow
2Dr. Bhoosan Kafleसह-प्राध्यापकShow
3Mr. Indra Bahadur Bhandariउप-प्राध्यापकShow
4Mr. Rohit Dangalउप-प्राध्यापकShow
5Mr. Yubraj Sahuउप-प्राध्यापकShow
6Mr. Gobinda Neupaneउप-प्राध्यापकShow
7Mr. Chandra Prasad Bhattaraiउप-प्राध्यापकShow
8Mr. Sachin Wagleउप-प्राध्यापकShow
9Mr. Yagya Raj Subediउप-प्राध्यापकShow
10Mr. Renukar Chaudharyउप-प्राध्यापकShow
11Mr. Achyutananda Bhattaraiउप-प्राध्यापकShow
12Mr. Dinesh Gautamउप-प्राध्यापकShow
13Mr. Alankar Kafleउप-प्राध्यापकShow
14Mr. Arun Prasad Chaudharyउप-प्राध्यापकShow
15Mr. Nirmal Guragainप्रशिक्षकShow